Evergreen Estates Townhome Community

When I was on the HOA board of directors, one of the board members had created a site that had lain dormant for a while. She was not interested in working on it, and another individual wanted to create another web site to replace hers, and the first woman didn't like her and wasn't going to allow it, so that went nowhere. I decided to create a web site that would have the content on it that I wanted to see, so I created this web site.

One of the ways this web site could be useful is to provide answers to frequently asked questions and free the property manager for other tasks. In addition, I wanted to keep the community informed about board activities and other activities occurring around the community.

Developing this site was a good training experience for me.

In building this site, I performed the following activities:

  • designed the information architecture;
  • designed the layout, color scheme, and name-plate;
  • converted and cross-linked the governing documents;
  • wrote content, such as:
    • search by house number for paint, siding, and roof colors (JavaScript, CGI/Perl)
    • color schemes in color
    • model descriptions and diagrams
    • frequently-asked questions
    • links to sources of home improvement information
    • board meeting synopses
    • information on recycling, screen repair, etc.
  • designed the site to use a style sheet;
  • coded the site to validate to HTML 4 Strict DTD.

This site never went live, but occasionally, I receive e-mail from the site asking for more information about the HOA. A few years after the creation of this demo site, one of the board members contacted me about using the site's files for the foundation of their new web site. I was happy to assist. However, as of August 2010, it doesn't appear that the HOA has a web site.

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