Maryland Native Plant Society Web Site

The Maryland Native Plant Society (MNPS) is an all-volunteer organization of individuals with a passion for conserving native plant habitats. As one of these volunteers, I worked on three versions of the site since 2003:

In Spring 2010, I migrated the static web site to a content management system designed by Wild Apricot. In the process of migrating, I did the following:

  • transferred the domain; set the domain to point to the new system;
  • evaluated the existing content for currency; deleted or merged content;
  • researched the features of the content management system and determined how to best use them;
  • determined how we would tag events to show up on appropriate pages;
  • wrote an on-line help guide for other users;
  • copied, edited, and tested all content that was moved (except for most membership content);
  • customized the template;
  • set up mailboxes and groups.

The new system will enable multiple people to add and maintain content, and will reduce the processing workload of the membership chairperson.