Nevey Shalom Web Site

Nevey Shalom was a small Jewish congregation that relied largely on volunteers to get things done. Seeing that their Web site had not been maintained for about two years, I volunteered to create a new version for them. The goals were to create a friendlier presentation, and to reveal enough about the congregation to pique visitors' interests. I maintained the site until Summer 2006, when another individual offered to maintain it.

I performed the following activities:

  • developed the site's information architecture;
  • developed most graphics, including a nameplate which "stretches" and "shrinks" as the browser window resizes;
  • designed the site with Section 508 compliance built in;
  • coded the site to validate to HTML 4 Strict DTD;
  • designed a style sheet for the site;
  • set up the site on the WebSphere host and registered the domain.

In 2008, Nevey Shalom merged with Kol Ami of Annapolis to form congregation Kol Shalom, which is still active in Annapolis as of this update. The site is no longer active.

eye glyph Nevey Shalom Web Site (copy)